Transmission Service

Transmission Service

When is Transmission Service or Repair Necessary?
Inspecting the condition of your transmission fluid is done with every full service oil change.

The transmission fluid will tell us if service is needed. If the transmission fluid is starting to turn brown, transmission fluid service should probably be performed.

What Does Transmission Fluid Service Include?

  • Removing the transmission pan.
  • Removing the old filter and replacing with a new filter.
  • Cleaning the transmission pan and reinstalling with a new gasket.
  • Removing the old fluid.
  • Adding the correct new fluid recommended by the manufacture.
  • Adding a transmission fluid conditioner for added protection.
  • Inspecting all lines and hoses for cracks or leakage.
  • Inspecting all linkages for proper connection and operation.
  • Disposing of your old fluid according to EPA regulations, protecting our environment.

If you require any other transmission service, our ASE trained technicians can diagnose your problem and determine whether repair or replacement is your best course of action.