Oil Change

Oil Change

Why do you need oil changes?

Proper oil change service is vital to your vehicle’s longevity. Due to the demands your car puts on your engine’s oil, it eventually loses its ability to lubricate, cool, clean and flow freely. Not changing your oil regularly can lead to costly engine repairs and drastically reduce your vehicles life span.

Our Oil Change Services Include

  • Changing the engine oil and filter.
  • Adding up to 5 quarts of oil of the proper viscosity recommended for your engine.
  • Lubricating the chassis (when applicable).
  • Topping off all other fluids.
  • Adjusting tire pressures.
  • Disposing of your old oil according to EPA standards, protecting our environment.
  • Performing a bumper to bumper complete vehicle maintenance inspection.

We provide more than a quick lube that just changes your filter and drains and fills the oil. We provide a full service oil change featuring ASE trained technicians.